You Must Avoid These 10 Things When Making Banner for Business!

by Ian Bain

A banner is such a familiar thing. You may find it uses in business often, especially for advertising purposes. People tend to use a banner in a business because it is durable, affordable,  and many more reasons. By using a banner for advertising, you will be able to show and introducing your business to make people know about it. So, if you have an intention about making ads banner, you might need some guidance. By following these several points, hopefully you can avoid the common mistake when making it!

1. Typographical Error 

Please, inspect all of the words that you have written on the banner design. People may be confused and get the wrong information if there any typographical error. So, the typographical error is the first thing you should avoid!

2. Monotonous Headline

This frequently happens when it comes to making a banner. How people can notice your banner if you just put “We Sell an Original Thai Curry” for the headline? Create the headline that intrigues people’s curiosity, for example, “Do You Know That We Sell The Best Authentic Thai Curry in Town?”.

3. Uninteresting Design

Design is fundamental, especially for ads banner. The design must represent the product, service, or business. Because of that, you can’t make it boring. How can the banner work if it has an uninteresting design?

4. Too Many Information

A banner is not a book. So, you don’t need to put too much information on the banner. That’s because people do not have a lot of time to read all of the information. Just pick the most crucial information to include it on the banner.

5. Over-design

You must be wanna make a banner that can be noticed by people. But, over-design won’t be working for it. Over-design creates confusion for the people who see the banner. Because of that, people will be hard to notice the focal point on the banner.

6. Unreadable Information

The information on the banner should be easy to read by everyone. So, avoid setting the font size becomes too small. Also, choose the best font type that will be easy to read for everyone. That’s because the banner will be useless if no one can’t read it.

7. Unprofessional Photo

Never show any unprofessional photos on the banner! The business will be looked amateur because of that. Since the banner can be a representative of a business, a professional photo is needed on it. Besides, people won’t be attracted to your business because of unprofessional photos that show on the banner!

8. Irrelevant Information

Make sure that you include only the newest information on the banner. Don’t include the last business phone number or maybe the last price of your service. So, you should check the latest information before printing the banner.

9. Low-Quality of Printing

You must absolutely avoid printing the banner in an untrusty printing service. Your banner might become a bad-looking banner because of the low-quality printing. So, the expert and trusted banner printing service will be a great decision for you!

10. Misplacement 

The last step, avoid to place the banner in the wrong location. Pick the place where people will be easy to see the banner. You can place it in the high-foot traffic area, in front of your store, and many more places that you’ll think will be the best location for placing the banner!

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