What Beginners Need to Know About Wax Sealing

by Ian Bain

Wax seal was essential in correspondence because it was used to seal off envelopes. By sealing letters with a seal, people can be sure of its authenticity as well as confidentiality as the letter travels to reach the recipient. 

As sending out letters is no longer popular due to advances in technology, the use of wax seal has lessened as well. However, nowadays, wax sealing has found a different use. Mostly, it is popular for crafts and decorations. You can find wax sealing on wedding invitations, packagings, and other various items. 

If you are interested in wax sealing, here are the essential things to know of: 

1. Types of Wax 

As wax manufacture technology advanced, there are more types of waxes than the traditional wax that can be found today. Even though you can still use traditional wax, you should also consider other types of wax. In general, wax for sealing are divided into two types: 

Traditional Blend 

The traditional blend has the formula that has been preserved since many years ago. This type of wax is the best choice if you want to preserve confidentiality such as for letters that get delivered personally hand to hand. The traditional blend wax hardens and breaks easily, so it can indicate whether or not a document has been tampered with. Unfortunately due to this breakability, this type of wax seal is not very suitable for mailing through the post. If you wish to know about the information you can visit professorprint.com to understand more. 

Flexible Blend 

This blend is a mix of wax and resin which makes it more flexible compared to the traditional blend. It is also more supple and easier to handle. Due to this flexibility, the flexible blend can retain its form better than the traditional blend. It does not break as easy and it can be used on curved surfaces. This type of wax is suitable for mailing through the post and for decorations on so many different types of surfaces. 

Other than the types of wax, you also have to understand that these wax seals come with or without a wick. The opinions regarding whether or not wicked wax is a good thing or not mostly depends on personal preferences. Some people regard wicked wax more convenient because it is easier to handle. However, some think it is not a good choice because it leaves some residue that ruins the aesthetic of the wax seal. To know your own preference, of course, you need to try it out yourself. 

2. Wax Sealing Equipment 

For wax sealing, of course you need some tools to help you. Most people use either a wax sealing spoon or a glue gun for wax sealing, depending on the type of wax that is chosen. Next, you need a wax seal stamp. This is the item that leaves a distinct mark on the wax seal before it hardens, so when it does, you will be able to see a beautiful and unique mark on it. You can either design your own wax sealing stamp or get a pre-made one. Of course, if you want a customized mark, you have to design it yourself and have it manufactured personally for you.

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