Read These 4 Points To Know More About Common Seal

by Ian Bain

Do you know what makes a document genuine? If you are thinking about the signature and stamp, that is correct! But, have you known about the common seal before? Or have you seen it affixed on the documents? Years back, it was made with wax embossed with an imprint. But nowadays, it can be made using particular common seal stickers and usually used in high-level documents. Also, don’t forget that a common seal is one of the must-have items in running a business. But, is it that important to have it? To get the answer, you can keep reading it!

1. Common Seal, Company Seal, and Corporate Seal

Don’t take it wrong, since all of the names above refer to the same object, that’s a common seal. So, if you hear people say about common, company, and corporate seals, there are just the same items and of course with the same function.

2. Definition and Function

In short, a common seal is the company’s official signature. Once it is affixed on a document, it means that the document was the act and deed of the company or organization. A seal indicates that the organization or company has given official permission and approval for the document. Because of that, you cannot use regular seals if you don’t have prior approval.

You may know that there are many types of documents in a business. However, not every document can be affixed using the common seal. As mentioned earlier, this is only used on high-level documents, and that means only the most important documents can be signed using it. Also, its use is not only limited to companies or organizations, but an individual person can also use it.

3. Advantage

Apart from being used as a company or organization symbol of approval or permission, there are other advantages by using it. But first of all, you know that the common seal is a kind of official company signature, right? In some urgent situations, the seal can be a substitute for the signature under the director’s permission. And more, seals make documents more authentic and minimize the risk of forgery.

4. The Way to Get It

Well, the last point will explain how to get the seal. But beforehand, you should know some of the elements that should be included in a common seal. So, here is the list!

  • Name of Company
  • Incorporation State
  • Year of Incorporation
  • Official Company Logo

After you know about the elements above, we can then move on to find out how to get a seal. So, let’s dive in for more details!

  • Have you registered your company in the state? That’s because the state in which the company legally filed is required in the common seal, as you saw earlier in the common seal element that is required above.
  • Did you know that the seal is mandatory in registering corporations? So you have to get by yourself and go to office supply retailers for that. 
  • For your information, you can make your own design as long as all of the common seal elements are included.

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