~ Booksellers. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Open late.


Sometimes it takes a while for the more venerable social institutions to stumble into modernity, and bookstores… well… actually most of them have stumbled already… But now The Brunswick Street Bookstore has arrived! Check-in here – at our brand new blog – for links to our newsletters (and deals and giveaways), reviews, commentary, profiles, events, launches, and other interesting ephemera, as well as for regular updates to what we hope will be an ongoing new podcast series!

In short, we want to enthrall you and to open up the conversation with writers, makers, performers, statisticians, polymaths, psychologists, engineers, copywriters, retail sales assistants, wait-people, firemen, doctors and masters of all kinds of arcane academies, editors, posties, nurses, phlebotomists, stay-at-home-parents, and stay-at-home-a-bit-and-work-a-bit-because-you-have-to-parents, teachers, headmaster-and-mistresses, librarians, activists, hacktivists, actors, chefs and sous-chefs and kitchen hands, dishwashers… you get it. Write to us, ask us things, request things, add us to your RSS feed (whatever that is) we want to hear from YOU!