A Simple Guide to a More Attractive Name card

by Ian Bain

A name card is an effective marketing tool because it is simple and easy to understand. Most importantly, a name card can quickly grab people’s attention if it is well designed. Now, you might be questioning how to make a name card design that is attractive enough and can catch people’s eyes? Find out in this article below.

1. Determine on a highlight

Emphasizing a certain focal point on your name card is very critical. This particular part on your name card will determine if it is catchy enough to steal people’s attention as they pass by or as they are handed out the name card. Usually, the design of a name card emphasizes on the headline as the main attraction point of the advertising tool. Not only that the choice of font style and size is important in making sure that it is eye-catching, but the line itself must also sound interesting so that people will be intrigued to know more about what you are trying to promote and read the whole name card to get the information they are looking for. In terms of font, keep in mind that unique design is good, but overdoing it is a big no. Avoid choosing over-stylized fonts that are confusing to prevent people from misunderstanding what you are trying to say in your name card.

To direct the reader’s focus, you can create borders. Usually, a border will help people to pay more attention to the center part of the name card. If you want to put the headline in the middle, this could be a good idea.

2. Don’t be shy in using colors

Colors are one of the easiest ways to catch people’s attention, so name card printing in Singapore in full color is very advantageous despite it may be costing a little more than black and white. Try to use a diverse and vivid color for your name card, but at the same time, you have to make sure that all the colors you choose work well with each other and complement the look instead of ruining it.

You must also pay attention to the contrast of the colors. Keeping a good balance of the contrast ensures that your name card will be more legible, meaning that it is not difficult to read. For example, you have to put a light-colored background behind a dark-colored text and vice versa. This basic rule is very important to remember at all times.

3. Balance

A good balance between the images or graphics you use, the text on your name card, and the whole layout is crucial to make sure that people will be able to grasp the information put on your name card well.

In order to do this, you must not force too many words to fit onto your name card with very limited space and make it overlapping images. This will make your name card look bad and ruin the overall balance.


Creating a name card that is attractive requires a certain amount of time and effort, but it is worth it in order to make a successful advertising campaign. Don’t forget about getting your name card printed professionally for the best result.

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