5 Essential Thank You Card Tips

by Ian Bain

Upon receiving gifts after a certain event such as a wedding, birthday, dinner party, or others, it is a kind gesture to send out thank you cards to the people you are grateful for. This gesture might be small, but it is meaningful especially in this digital era where people no longer really send out physical cards or letters. Basically, a thank you card is a good manner and it is a great way to express your gratitude even if you’re shy or not very good with words. 

If you don’t know how to properly write a thank you card printing, here are some of the tips you must understand and remember. 

1. Know When to Send 

A thank you card is sent to appreciate someone’s favor that they have done for you. It is great to send a thank you card as soon as you can, however it is also better to send out than never at all. The proper etiquette for sending a thank you card is no more than three weeks to a month as the sooner is the better. However, in some cases like wedding thank you cards, you can do it within three months maximum since it will take a little longer to sort out the gifts and the address list. 

2. Choose the Right Words 

Thank you is simple and most often used, however there are a lot more words that you can use to express gratitude, such as grateful, indebted, and appreciative. Or you can even go more casual by saying “you rock!” or “stay awesome!” and even “stay safe!” in this time of pandemic to make it feel more dynamic and personal. Of course, you can borrow other thank you words from different languages just to spice up the thank you letter. 

3. Include the Details 

You don’t want to make your thank you card feel cursory. You want it to be heartfelt. To properly thank someone after the gift you have received from them, it is best that you properly state and name the gift they got you. Let them know what you like about it, how are you going to use it, or how have you been using it. You can also include a picture of the gift to make it even better. It is meaningful for them if they can know what you feel about the gift and it strengthens the bond between you as well. 

4. Remember Proofreading 

After you have poured out your feelings for the recipient of your thank you card, you should always remember to proofread to make sure that there’s no mistake in the letter you have written whether spelling wise or grammatically. 

5. Is it Okay to Use Email 

It is more proper to personally make an order for your thank you card and send them out through the mail, however, it is better to send one rather than not sending at all. If you really can’t send out physical thank you cards, then you can go for email. However, it is not very recommended. When it comes to thank you card, send out physical cards that are deisnged and printed beautifully. 

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