3 Key Flyer Designing Points That You Should Remember

by Matthew H

If you’re seeking a marketing tool that is simple and easy to understand, you should really consider using a flyer. It is a tool that is quick to grab people’s attention and it can be distributed in many different ways. However, you have to make sure that you can design it to be attractive enough so that it can unleash its true potential as you put it to use. To learn more about the things that you can do to make a flyer printing look attractive, here are some useful tips for you.

1. Highlight

First thing first, knowing which focal point to emphasize in your flyer is very important. This part needs to be put in a way that is most attractive to catch people’s attention as they pass by and convince them into reading your flyer further. This highlight or headline of a flyer is the main attraction point of the flyer. If it fails to do what it is meant to do, most likely the flyer printing won’t be effective as well.

You can try making an attractive highlight or headline by coming up with a simple sentence or two that is interesting. You can make it intriguing, funny, unique, or anything that you deem might work for your target audience. Then, design it in a larger font than the others that can ensure its readability even from a distance. You can also definitely design it in bold. Using bold for the highlight or headline emphasizes its importance and it will make it look more interesting.

2. Be brave with colors

Definitely don’t hold yourself back and print in full color for your flyer. You have to use vivid colors that are interesting. However, this does not mean that you can just put any color on the design of your flyer. The colors that you choose must work well with each other and represent the theme of promotion as well as your company image.

Paying attention to the contrast of the flyer is also highly important to ensure readability. If a dark colored font is put on a dark colored background, it will be difficult to read. Thus, you have to switch and put dark colored background for light colored text or font and vice versa. This way, your flyer’s text will pop out more and be easier to be read.

3. Keep it simple

You might think that simple designs won’t be able to interested people. But this is not entirely true. In fact, a lot of people like simpler design. Simple does not mean plain. Simple designs make it easy for people to read the content of a flyer compared to extravagant designs with many elements in it that will only confuse the reader. Designs like these are often ineffective and they only drive people away from trying to read the content of the flyer because their attention gets distracted by the unnecessary elements inserted into the design of the flyer. Surely, you don’t want this. So make sure that everything in your flyer design is well balanced.

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