Why Postcard Marketing And A Few Tips About It!

by Matthew H

Postcards are versatile! People can use them as a communication medium or even souvenirs. In business, postcards can be part of marketing materials! Have you ever received a postcard with some coupons or offers on it? That is what we call postcard marketing. But does postcard marketing work? Are there any reasons why postcard marketing should be implemented? To find out the answer, read some details below! 

Why Postcard Marketing? 

Actually, postcard marketing is not something new. Many businesses have implemented this method before. But what is their reason for choosing postcard marketing? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people choose this method below! 

1. Affordable! 

Many businesses are looking for a cost-effective option for their marketing strategy. That is what postcards offer. Even when you compare postcard marketing to sending letters to customers, postcards will perform better in terms of affordability. People won’t need any envelopes or address labels, and that is what makes postcard more affordable. For some businesses, they usually create a large number of postcards and print them at a postcard printing in Singapore. That is because they can save more and spend less when they make large orders. 

2. Easy to Track 

By using this method, many businesses can track their result. They usually add some tracking ways to measures their success. For instances, they will add some QR codes, coupon codes, customer phone numbers, or even personalized URLs. 

3. Simple to Create! 

Yes, another reason why people choose postcard marketing because postcards are easy to create! Plus, as mentioned earlier, postcards are affordable. So, the combination of simple to create and affordable make this card chosen as a marketing material!  

4. Specific and Effective 

This method is chosen because of its effectiveness. Why? Because companies only send their postcards to specific target audiences or customers. So, they don’t need to waste their money on mass mailing! 

Tips When Implementing Postcard Marketing! 

After we talked about a few things that make people implement postcard marketing, let’s move to another topic. So, now we can talk about some tips in making marketing postcard. To make your marketing postcards are more powerful, here are some tips you can follow when making them! 

1. Postcards Should Be Simple and Go Easy on The Eyes 

The first tip, you must remember that you should avoid making the card look too much. Make it go easy on the eyes to make people get the point when they read the card.  

2. Make the Headline Bold And Clear 

A clear and bold headline helps the readers to understand and exactly know what you are trying to tell them. You can make headlines regarding your offer, problems you can solve, or the benefits from your products or services.  

3. Clear Action! 

Only use and include one action on a postcard, such as “scan the QR code to redeem your voucher” or “Click this website for a free consultation”. If you add more than one call to action, your target audience may be confused about that.

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