Tips and Benefits of Matt Laminating Finishes for Name Cards

by Ian Bain

Got your name cards printed? Feeling like it should look better than what you currently have? Next time you print your fresh batch of name cards, try matt lamination to spice things up. 

Laminating is a process of layering a piece of paper, in this case, your name card, to make it look and feel smooth. Of course, enhancing its look is not the only thing that matt laminating does. Matt lamination for name cards also means that you are adding a protective layer that makes your name card more resistant to scratching as well as other possible damages. 

More details of the benefits of matt lamination for your name cards: 

1. Refine the Feel 

As mentioned before, with matt laminating, your name card will feel more distinct and unique. This will be able to help you make a name card that leaves a great first impression and eventually it will reflect positively on you and your company as well. This effect given by the matte laminating makes your name card appear and feel better compared to many others, given by its elegant impression.  

2. Durability 

The matt laminating can make your name card last longer by retaining its top-notch quality. If your name card is laminated, of course, there is an extra protective layer that keeps the paper from deteriorating or damaged. 

3. Shine 

Compared to the glossy laminating, the matt laminating gives you low surface shine with a subtle finish that gives you a different appearance. 

All in all, choosing to add the matte lamination finish for your name card can gain you an edge the moment you introduce yourself to your clients or potential business partners due to the polished and refined impression that you can easily give off with it. 

Matt name card printing tips: 

  • If you need more protective layers, then you can choose to add more than one layer of matte laminating for your name card. You can even choose to laminate both sides instead of one, which is entirely up to your preferences.  
  • If you want to make your name card look even more interesting, you can even choose to add more than just one finish. Try to combine laminating with another finish that can create a strong look, but make sure that it is compatible with the type of paper as well as the matt laminating itself. 
  • It is better to order a large number of name cards at once because it will cost you less at the end of the day.  
  • Aside from the normal quality paper, you can choose to print your name cards using premium papers that can impress the recipients of your name cards more, such as textured card zeta linen brilliant white paper and naturalis vanilla smooth that has a matt and textured surface. 

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