Sticker and Marketing, 5 Reasons Why They Are the Perfect Match

by Ian Bain

Stickers have maintained their popularity until now as many people have benefited by using them. From decorative items, toys, brand labels, campaigns, and many more things that can be done by using stickers. Plus, the stickers can be a great option when it comes to marketing materials. Why? First, because stickers are super easy to create. The main steps for making it are planning, designing, and printing. Even stickers can be printed independently or ask sticker printing in Singapore to help you turn your designs into the real printed stickers. That is just one reason why stickers are perfect for marketing, here are a few more reasons behind that! 

1. Stickers Are Cost-Friendly! 

It’s no wonder stickers are so affordable compared to other marketing media such as TV commercials and others. Because of that, many businesses choose stickers to be their marketing materials because they perfectly fit with the budget or any other reasons. For those who have a limited budget, they can even adjust the size and materials of the stickers to get what they have desired with a limited budget allocation. 

2. Marketing Material That Can Be Placed Anywhere 

Stickers are placed on the display window to catch the attention of people to get them interested in the brand or offer. But that is not all since stickers can be placed flexibly anywhere from glass doors to acrylic signage. You can also give stickers to your customers as they will probably place them on their laptops, vehicles, notebooks, or anything as long as the design is attractive for them. For some people, the brand on the sticker is not really a matter as long as the design appealing. 

3. Versatile Marketing Tools! 

Want to make your sticker in various colours to attract customers’ attention? Or want to put a strong message on marketing material to connect your business or brand with your customers? Then you can do all of that thing using stickers. That is why stickers are a versatile marketing tool that can contribute to making your brand or business get the attention of the customers, increasing brand awareness and trust, and building relationships with customers. 

4. Available in Various Sizes and Shapes 

Stickers are not rigid since they are not only available only in one size and shape. All of those things are the reasons why stickers can be created to be anything that can make your business or brands more attractive. For the shape, you can choose between rectangular, round, and custom die-cut. For size, you can find them from the small size such as 20 mm x 40 mm to the large format sticker that is usually applied on acrylic signage, glass doors, or even window panes. 

5. Stickers Are a Small Gift! 

One of the different things when giving out brochures or stickers regarding your brand or offer to potential customers is about their perception about both things. So, most people would be directly thinking about advertising once they get brochures, flyers, and any other printed marketing materials. But that doesn’t fit with stickers. Instead of advertising, people are more likely to think that stickers are a small present for them. One different perception can create a big gap since people will try to think about sticking the sticker rather than to throw them away. 

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