JK Roofing

J and K Roofing 4 is a full roofing company which offers the best pocket-friendly roofing services for commercial roofing and residential roofing.

The roofing projects are wide in the range from commercial to residential roofing services and the services are unlimited to government institutes and municipalities. This roofing company offers different types of single-ply roof system architectural sheet metal roof water drainage, wood shake shingles roof coating services, and skylight. J and K Roofing roofing company are fully guaranteed and licensed for both commercial and residential roofing by the state of Illinois.

This company has been a full roofing service since 1976 and they have a professional experience of 30 years and it has currently roofed almost 30000 commercial and residential companies. J and K company have a simultaneous reputation for completing and professionalizing roof services to customer satisfaction. This is the first company to offer a 10 to 20-year warranty which covers all the labor cost and material cost.

Our company has the best-skilled workmen who are able to calculate total work quotation covering material and labor to perfectly fit customers budget and still give you the best outstanding quality work.

Types of services they offer

There is no job that is big or complicated for J&K Roofing, they have a good reputation for providing good products, services, and the customer services are to die for.  J&K Roofing value time and maximum energy are employed to ensure that the highest quality is gained that can be relied on for future years. J&K also gives the best warranties that they provide for their customers. They give very beautiful roofs to make the homes very appealing. Old homes can also be renovated to give it the best look thus the J&K Roofing takes good care of your home.

This company is skilled and expertise to customer perfection the following services.
•Storm roof damage repairs
•Pointing work services
•Flat roof repairs
•Slate and tiles replacement and repairs
•Lead and chimney work services
•New roof installation services

Roof problems such as linkages are very common problems which may occur depending on factors such as
•The age of the roof
•Climatic changes
•The choice of roof
•Natural disasters

A quick solution for roof issues

Our company is the best company that offers the most unique services such as re-roofing repairs and wear and it is the best company you can put your roof trust issues for perfect roofing. What differentiates our services from other companies is that our problem-solving techniques and detailed attention promote the outcome of our services giving you the best furnishing services to amuse you.

Customer Reviews

This is some of the things that the users of J&K Roofing say

•Very happy about the services offered and cannot ask for more for what the roof did in our house.
•J&K is all about honesty and their very true to what they say.
•Their crew are professionals and very skilled to provide the best results.
•Despite facing many challenges while constructing our roof such as the steepness of the roof, the nest of the wasp and the unbearable weather, the crew was very respectful and delivered the best results.
•The crew cleaned the house after their work, they ensured the house was clean each day after work.

Final verdict

Due to the professionalism of J & K roofing company, it is evident that this company is the best outstanding company you must go get this outstanding and zero regretting services for your commercial building or residential homes or estates