Important of event security

To compare event security pricing, you need to understand the differences between the security personnel and what the legal requirements are for your security company. High fees do not translate to quality security personnel.

Security standards for corporate events

Event security is a crowd control function, and this requires that all the guards at your event need to have the current security certificates and licenses to work in crowd control.

Unlike nightclubs, the security at events needs to have superior customer service skills and ability to control incidents without resorting to force unless necessary.

This means you really should demand security individuals with at least a certificate level 3 or higher to demonstrate their ability to work in functions outside nightclubs.

Comparing hourly rates

The security company will try and charge you the highest hourly rate for your security team, and then fill your event with whoever is available. This is not good enough.

Make it part of the event contract that you have the final say on the security team that arrives so you can stop the company sending substandard personnel. You should check the following;

• their dress and appearance on the day

• ask some questions about the local area to see if they can help your guests with directions to banks, toilets, taxis, etc

• test the ability to write, speak and read at a suitable standard for your event and its image

• request at least 20-50% of security personnel be females as they tend to limit the number of bouncer types sent to your event and enable comfort for your guests

The standard hourly rates should be affordable for quality security staff. remember that you will need to pay more for events held on weekends, after hours, or on public holidays. This is usually 2-3 times the standard hourly rate.

Minimum hours of contracted services will usually be 3 hours for shifts and up to 10 hours for longer shifts.

Safety in numbers

Most event organizers know that events held that require security also need to know their span of control. This is the number of patrons or guests at the event that security needs to control.

Most security companies require a minimum of two security guards at an event for their safety and ability to perform a minimum service. If you have more than 200 visitors, you will require an additional security guard per 100 guests after the first 200 people.

In my experience, it will take 3-4 people to control 200 guests at your event effectively. This is because of the sheer nature of walking around, checking guests in at the door, and providing escorts to cars after the event closes, for example.

It is also essential to remember that during an emergency evacuation, the security team will need to be able to evacuate panicking crowds safely.

Equipment costs

All security equipment should be provided by the security company at their own cost, so don’t be tricked into paying for radios or other equipment they need to do the job. This is part of their running expenses and is already included in the hourly rates they are charging.

Like any service contract, ask the security companies to give you a list of three previous corporate events they have managed in the last 12 months for you to contact.

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