Follow these 5 Tips for Making Good Wedding Invitation Cards at Affordable Prices!

by Ian Bain

Do you have a tight budget for wedding invitation cards? And are you worried about that? So, keep calm and don’t be worry, because you can make your invitations with your budget. Here are some tips and things that you can consider and follow in making good and affordable wedding invitation cards! 

1. Be Your Own Designer 

Hiring a designer for creating your invitation card is not free. So, what if you are trying to be your own designer? You can design your invitation using Adobe or Corel. But if you need something simpler, then you can design it online. There are many online design platforms that easy to be used. One of the online platforms that you can try is Canva. 

2. Select Materials to Fits Your Budget! 

Various types of materials with their personal charm are ready to be created into invitation cards! Also, each of them has a different price. That’s why it is essential to pick the best materials based on your needs and budget. Besides, the weight of materials also contributes to the price you have to pay for the wedding invitation card. Some of the materials commonly used for invitations are Art Paper, Art Card, Shimmering Marble White Card, Naturalis Vanilla Smooth Cards, and many more materials. So, choose only based on your budget. 

3. Let’s Talk About Size 

Did you know that the size of the invitation card affects the prices? The larger the size, the more material is used for the card. Typically, card sizes are available in A6 (105 mm x 148 mm), A5 (148 mm x 210 mm), and A4 (210 mm x 297 mm). Of course, if you choose the smallest one, then you will likely get the cheapest price. But don’t rush into the decision! Consider several things such as the amount of information that will be include, the font size that may be affected, and other things before you select the perfect size for the cards! 

4. Is It Necessary to Print Cards on Both Sides? 

If you intend to make your invitation card have a pretty design and are printed on both sides, then you need to know if it will cost you more. Prices for one-sided or two-sided printing differ because the two options do not use the same amount of ink. So, if you want to keep your budget tight, one side is the best choice for you. But it all depends on your needs. If there’s a lot of information that needs to be put on the card, you have two alternatives for that. First, make a 2-sided invitation card. Second, choose a paper size that can hold all the information (max. A4) and print the card on one side.  

5. Quantity Affects Price 

So last, how many people invited to the wedding? There is an inverse correlation between the number of invitations that you want to order and the price. That means the more you buy, the cheaper it will be. So, if you have lots of guests to invite, don’t worry about spending too much money on cards. You will get lower prices for large orders. 

Additional Tips 

  • Find a professional and trusted invitation card printing service that offers high-quality print service at affordable prices! So, you can keep your budget tight, but you will get great invitation cards at the same time! 
  • Make sure there are no typos or misinformation about the name of the bride and groom, wedding place, date, and other information before the invitation design is printed. So, multiple checks are a must! 
  • The guest list must be created first before making or ordering the invitations. Usually, people start compiling their guest lists at the beginning of the wedding preparations. 

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