Consider These Tips To Make Your Sticker Stand Out

by Ian Bain

Two decades ago, maybe the use of stickers would sound silly for promotion and marketing. Because usually children and teenagers use stickers for them to use on their toys, backpack, and skateboards. But nowadays, stickers are no longer limited by age, from young to old, students to business people, all of them have started using stickers. This is because stickers provide the freedom for custom sticker printing. Of course, this provides more space for those who need it to be creative and compete to make stickers that are unique, extraordinary, and pleasing to the eye. 

In the digital age like now, this is a golden opportunity and, especially for people who do business so their aesthetic would be pleasing and more memorable to consumers. Do you want to take part? If so, then I suggest that you read this article to the end because its contents will be of use to you. Here are tips for designing and printing stand out stickers. 

1. Keep Your Idea Simple 

If you are thinking about conveying your brand through one sticker, you may be mistaken. Because using stickers will not be enough to convey all your ideas. Even a large sticker will not be enough to convey or introduce your idea to others. This makes your sticker more likely to be cramped, and go unnoticed. Therefore, if you want to make stickers, small or large, make sure the ideas on the stickers are simple, and get to the point. This will make your stickers easier for the audience to read and understand. Try to position yourself as someone who is walking somewhere, and on the way, you see a lot of promotions in the form of stickers and pamphlets. Which ones will you see first? Not all right? You will mostlikely to read the one that has a cool design, a text or message that is shor and easy to understand. So, make sure your ideas are contained in a simple headline. 

2. Match Colors with Your Brand 

Stickers for entertainment purposes are usually unlimited, you can use any color palette. But if the sticker is for business purposes, you can’t just pick a color. Of course, it must match your signature color. The thing is, not all stickers need to include a logo and name, or one of them on the sticker, so make sure at least the sticker you make has a strong association. A good color scheme will also become your brand identity that makes your audience or your potential customers remember your product or service. 

3. It Should be Easy to Read 

Your bet should be avoiding text on sticker altogether. Ideally, your sticker should express something without words. If you have decided to express something in words, make it big enough. This will make your stickers easier to read. Making a whole sticker pack with words on top of a logo or picture might suit you. If that’s the case, then make it vibrant, unique and nicely done. Good luck! 

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