Assisted Living Facilities And Features

There are many features that can be found in assisted living facilities. Centers that help people with their basic living skills, may have some added services and amenities. These extra features could include things like stores for shopping, physical activity classes, as well as other programs and services.

Some centers will offer full-sized apartment units. These units will have a layout that could include a master bedroom, kitchen, living room, and washroom. The washroom may be equipped with bars on the wall to help with getting on and off the toilet. A bar and a seat in the bathtub could help someone with disabilities use the bath.

Kitchen units may offer shorter countertops to accommodate someone in a wheelchair, with lowered cabinets and handles. Doorknobs and light switches may also be lower on the walls to help people reach them from a motorized device.

Personal support workers will be available to help residents with any help that they may need in their unit. Workers can assist with showers or baths, personal grooming, and dressing. Medication can be administered to residents as they need it throughout the day. Laundry services are available, cleaning of apartment units and the preparation of food.

If a resident is not able to cook for themselves, they can use the main kitchen area for their meals and snacks. Workers from the center will come to each apartment to pick up guests. Each person will be helped in the kitchen area to eat all together. Large dining areas can ensure that there is enough space.

A calendar of program events can help to keep guests active and busy during the day. Programs could include fitness classes, social groups, book reading, and crafts. Residents can sign up for the classes that they like. A swimming pool in the building can provide water classes and water fitness. On top of scheduled classes and weekly activities, there will also be special events that take place regularly in the facility. Events such as large picnics in the summer and holiday dinners may help to keep life in a residential facility fun and exciting.

Some facilities offer small shops in the main lobby. These shops may contain a variety of essential items as well as gifts. People can use the stores to buy birthday presents for loved ones or items for their own personal need. A hairdressing salon may also be available on the main floor to help people with their hair needs. These shops can be visited with help from staff members or family members.

Assisted living facilities can help people live in their own self contained units with added support. Each resident will have different needs that can be met through a flexible and high-quality center. These buildings are modern and full of useful features that can help to make life easy and pleasurable. A person may find an apartment that is suitable for a couple, or a unit that is for a single person. Unit sizes may impact the price as well as the features that are inside. Some apartments will come furnished while others will be empty to allow people to bring their own furnishings.

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