3 Basics to Outstanding Stickers Printing in Singapore

by Ian Bain

It is very important to plan out schedules for advertising and marketing for your event or business to stay relevant and even gain new customers or audience. As you may have already known, advertising and marketing can cost quite a lot and sometimes you don’t have the budget for it. Don’t worry, this does not mean that you can’t deploy a marketing and advertising effort with limited budget. You simply have to be smart with a cheap alternative, such as sticker. sticker is a tool that is easy to make, versatile, and most importantly, low cost. Even though it is cheap, small, and seem insignificant, it does not mean that it does not work well. You can use stickers in many different ways to promote whatever you want, as long as you can design it well and distribute it in an interesting way as well. Here are the things that you have to pay attention to if you choose stickers as a way for you to market your business, product, service, or others.

1. Layout and Design

You have to be able to come up with a good layout for a pleasant looking sticker design. Perhaps you are not familiar with professional software for designing. But don’t worry, because you can try designing your sticker with online templates that are ready to be customized the way you want. If you don’t really have the time to design it on your own, then you can simply hire the service of a graphic designer. Of course, this option will cost you more money. So, if you wish to save up more, then you have to try designing the sticker your own.

A sticker’s design shouldn’t be overly complicated and it needs to be easily understood, especially if it is a sticker to promote something, whether an event, a product, a service, or a campaign. Try to use colors that are bright and interesting and choose words that are simple and straightforward. You have to balance everything out with the typesetting of the sticker as well, making sure that it can stand out and catch people’s attention.

2. Be Unique

You can stand out among the crowd and look unique by making your sticker in unique shapes. You can cut your sticker into different shapes using die-cutting. Nowadays, you can freely make your stickers into any kind of shape as long as it is still appropriate and relevant to what you are promoting. Also, as you try to make it look unique, you have to pay attention to the design as well. Make sure that even if it has a unique shape, it does not damage the design of the sticker, and that the entirety of the sticker content can be read and not trimmed from the die-cutting process. Therefore, it is always safe to leave 3-5mm allowance from the sides for the production to do the sticker printing in Singapore once design is ready.

3. Colors

As slightly mentioned before, it is important to be able to choose the right colors for the design of your sticker. It is good to choose vibrant colors that sticks out so that people can notice your sticker right away. The color choice for your sticker must be able to convey the message or theme that you want to deliver to your potential customer based on what you are promoting. Also, for the ease of printing and the sake of final quality, try not to make large solid color are in the design of your sticker so that the colors can come out nicely with simple CMYK printing.

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